Teeth Whitening Services Las Vegas

Ace Dental offers Teeth Whitening serivces at both our Henderson and Las Vegas locations. We offer multiple options to whiten your teeth within your budget.

Zoom In Office Teeth Whitening

We offer state of the art teeth whitening with the patented Zoom Lazer Teeth Whitening System. Zoom Teeth Whitening can make your teeth dramatically whiter in about two hours at one of our comfortable offices. You can reasonably expect your teeth to be 8 shades whiter after you appointment.

For this treatment, we will protect your gums and the soft tissues in your mouth, we will then apply a whitening gel to your teeth. A special type of light is used to enhance the effects of the whitening gel. Once the treatment is finished, we will send you with custom take-home whitening trays to maintain the results after this in-office procedure.

Take-home Teeth Whitening

Our take-home teeth whitening treatment is a great alternative to the Zoom Teeth Whitening. The process uses custom fit take-home whitening trays. This is a great economical solution that is much stronger than the over the counter whitening system. You can expect to see results in about 1-2 weeks.