Las Vegas Braces Dentist

Braces for kids and adults

As a general dentist who performs complete orthodontics, Dr. Robert Pham of Ace Dental , is in a unique position when it comes to providing for your oral health and the health of your family. For one thing, it’s convenient for you when you and your child can receive regular dental care and orthodontic treatment in the same place. It also means that Dr. Robert Pham can keep an eye on every single aspect of your oral health, resulting in an integrated approach to complete family oral health care. Orthodontic treatment and general dental care work together, and at our Ace Dental office, you’ll also find that we use the most technologically advanced orthodontic techniques.

We offer all-digital orthodontics. The wires are custom made for you using state-of-the-art digital technology. This is vastly different from most traditional orthodontics, which typically involve choosing a pre-made wire from a range of wires. With digital orthodontics you get braces made just for you! This means more efficient treatment and better results.

Braces don't just provide you with a beautiful straight smile, it improves your oral health. If your teeth aren't properly aligned, it makes them harder to clean. This can lead to plaque build up, tooth decay, and cavities

We offer braces for children as young as 7, teens and adults. Braces can help identify dental problems before they become worse. If we identify that your child may be a good candiate for braces, we can assist in making room for adult teeth and correct a problem so braces will be needed for a limited amount of time, or will not be needed in the future.

To determine if braces are needed contact us at either our Henderson and Las Vegas locations.