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Family and General Practice Dentist

Mission Statement

At Ace Dental, Dr. Robert Pham and his staff strive to provide the best quality dental care to our patients at an affordable price and as gently as possible. We understand that most people don’t like to see their dentist for two reasons: fear and it’s too expensive. At Ace Dental, we’ll try to eliminate that fear as much as possible and at the same time make it affordable so that our patients can achieve excellent oral health and a smile that they have always dream of.

Our Philosphy

We understand that most people are busy with their everyday life. We realize that your time is very important, especially in today's busy society. Therefore, we try hard to be on time to avoid making you wait. We do not schedule large numbers of patients in each time slot. We reserve a reasonable amount of time for each patient visit. This allows us the time to listen to your questions, rather than rushing you through an appointment.

Dr. Pham would like each dental visit to be a positive experience for you. We want you to feel that you are getting what you pay for. We are proud to say that most of our new patients are referred by word-of-mouth. Our patients often refer their family, friends and neighbors to us. Most of our patients have developed long term friendships with Dr. Pham and his staff. It is enjoyable to visit with our friends, seeing them again and again as the years go by. Give us a call: we would love to meet you.

We Stand Behind Our Work

It is unethical for dentists or physicians to provide warranties on their treatment. However, we stand behind our work. Therefore, our promise to you is that we will repair or replace any fixed restoration (crown, onlay, or fixed bridge) at no charge for one year as long as you adhere to your recommended schedule of continuing care. In other words, if you keep current with your check-up appointments and follow our preventive instructions, we will honor this promise. Patients who do not floss or brush as they have been instructed, or who do not come in for their check-ups as scheduled, must assume personal responsibility for any problems that may occur.